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T.V. Mounting and Furniture Assembly.

T.Vs installed for $65!*


Our $65 TV Install Special

Serving the Baltimore Metro Area. Our $65 price includes labor for any TV up to 85". Our professional service includes mounting customer supplied materials & cleanup. 

Materials can be provided upon request for an additional fee. For full pricing, please click here.

$65 is contingent on scheduling but is readily available in Baltimore County and City. Because I work the entire area, we attempt to group installs that are close together to make this price possible. Our schedule is flexible and most installs can be scheduled within 2 days of contacting us. Often, we can do same day (especially for Towson, Timonium, Cockeysville).

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Have Multiple TVs?

We offer multi TV Discounts. As low as $50 per TV. 

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My Work, Your Home.

Experience and Precision

 I have been in construction for over 20 years, 10 of which installing solar panels and TVs around Baltimore and Maryland. I know how your wall is constructed and use all of my knowledge to insure that my TV Mounting Services are the best. For this, we make sure we use the right anchors for your specific wall, not just "what's out of the box". 

When it comes to Furniture Assembly, we take the same approach. Always making sure to assemble furniture and toys EXACTLY how prescribed by the manufacturer.


TV Mounting

Tv Mounting and Installation, $65*- any size . Mounting hardware can be supplied for as little as $35. Serving the entire Baltimore and Washington areas.

Furniture and Gym Equipment Assembly

We treat furniture assembly with precision and care. Sometimes this takes a certain "touch" in order to not damage items. We work hard to provide fast and efficient service at a low (fair) price.

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Other Handyman Services

I am a member of the EFynch Service Provider Community. Members receive regular discounts. Click here to register. I HIGHLY recommend this website for all homeowners. Commercial Services, Rehab, REO available via Construction KAT.

Baltimore TV and Furniture Installation

Timonium, Lutherville-Timonium, Maryland, USA

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